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Mar. 22nd, 2019

dw - oswin


[sticky post] About This Comm

Welcome to dw_straybunnies. It's a space for any Doctor Who-related fanfic (or other fanwork) ideas you're not planning to write up yourself. Exorcise that idea that's been haunting you by donating it to this comm.

It's also a place to pick up inspiration in the wild by taking somebody else's prompt. All prompts can be claimed as many times as people wish and new prompts are welcome at any time. There are, of course, equally no guarantees that prompts will be used - but you never know!

Discussion of the ideas and general batting bunnies back and forwards in the comments is welcome, too.

If you create a fanwork for a prompt, please post to the comm using this template:

However, please do remember to also post a link as a comment to the original post - that way the donor should be more likely to see it. (This is a change to the rules as of 10/10/14, in the interests of simplicity and less work for an errant mod!)

Please do NOT post any fic unrelated to any of the 'plotbunnies' donated here. You'll want dwfiction or an appropriate character/era themed comms for that.

And, generally, have fun, and play nicely!

Guidelines for posting unwanted ideas are here. (The lifeblood of this comm are people's prompts. More are always welcome even when things have become a little quieter, so never be afraid to post. If you have any problems, drop a comment to this post and your mods will do their best to help.)

You can find the Prompt Masterlist here and the Fanworks Masterlist here.

Jun. 3rd, 2012



My first plotbunny here...

Alas, at the moment, I have one plotbunny. Maybe I'll have more later.

Username: merryghoul
Era (if any): First Doctor, Fourth Doctor
Characters/Pairings (if any): Four, Leela, any villains, the Celestial Toymaker
Plot Bunny Summary: En route to somewhere in the galaxy, the Celestial Toymaker forces the TARDIS to land in an arena. The Celestial Toymaker appears to Four and Leela and tells the Doctor and his companion that they must defeat pairings of the Doctor's other foes to "win" the game.
Any Other Notes: I was thinking the Toymaker's game would be similar to The Hunger Games--each participant has a specialized weapon and there are two characters per team. (Also, you don't have to have 24 players in the Toymaker's game.) And I'd love to see the setting not be similar to THG as well (namely a futuristic North America). Feel free to make any other deviations from how the actual Hunger Games are structured in the book/movie.

Jan. 5th, 2012



More bunnies

Username: daystarsearcher
Era (if any): Fourth Doctor
Characters/Pairings (if any): Leela, the Brigadier
Plot Bunny Summary: She's an independent warrior woman from the future who likes to stab things. He's an old-fashioned military man from the seventies (or possibly the eighties) who likes to shoot things. Both of them like to blow things up. They fight crime.
Any Other Notes: I just really want to see these two team up, fighting crime or making fun of the Doctor or anything. I imagine they'd clash at first, but at the end of the day they'd totally be bros.

Username: daystarsearcher
Era (if any): Anything EXCEPT Three, Four, Ten, and Eleven
Characters/Pairings (if any): Sarah Jane/any of the Doctors she DIDN'T get to travel with, particularly One, Two, Five, or Six. (Okay, she got to meet three of those in 'The Five Doctors,' but she didn't really get to know them.)
Plot Bunny Summary: Most of the Sarah Jane/Doctor She Didn't Meet fic I've seen has been with Nine, Eight, or Seven--who are awesome, and I love them. But I wonder how that relationship would work with the other Doctors?
Any Other Notes: I'd be particularly interested in Five/Sarah Jane, since the executives did ask Lis Sladen to return to the show with Five (she said no in favor of getting "K-9 and Company"). Also, despite my use of "/", I'd be totally happy to see friendship fic too.

Username: daystarsearcher
Era (if any): First Doctor
Characters/Pairings (if any): David/Susan, Doctor(s)?, any other characters you want
Plot Bunny Summary: I love fairy-tale metaphors, and Susan with her one shoe at the end just cries out for a Cinderella re-telling.
Any Other Notes: In addition to all the variations of the story itself, there's also this potentially useful American (possibly other countries as well, I just heard it here) jumping rope rhyme: "Cinderella/ Dressed in yella/ Went upstairs to kiss her fella/ Made a mistake/ Kissed a snake/ How many doctors did it take?"

Mods, could I have some tags for Susan and David, please?

Apr. 10th, 2010

dw - oswin


Random Pairing Prompts

I love playing around with The Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator. I tend to use it more as these two characters with that prompt than actual shippage (although occasionally if you squint, if I make the effort...). Anyway, I collect my faves to ward off future boredom. It dawned on me that no way am I going to write them all, so here's some I'm donating here:

Random crazy prompts under hereCollapse )
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