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The Inspiration of Rassilon

For abandoned plot bunnies, random prompts and other unused Whoniverse fic ideas

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Ideas, prompts and unwanted plot bunnies to inspire doctor who fanfic
dw_straybunnies is a place to donate your unwanted plot bunnies and pick up someone else's. Got an idea you'll never get round to writing, a WIP you've given up on, leftover prompts from a ficathon, don't write yourself, or have wish-lists of fic you'd like to see? Here's the place to put them and see if you can inspire someone else into adopting your bunny. You can also donate ideas for other types of fanworks - it's all good!

Post your idea to this comm in an entry, using this template:

You may post as many ideas per post as you wish (please do). Other members can comment and discuss the idea, variations of it etc. under each entry. Please note: once an idea is posted here it is out in the big wild world for all to see and any other user to play with. If you find your moving, angsty bunny becomes someone else's comedy masterpiece, this is just the fun of writing and bouncing ideas off each other. Sorry. There is also no guarantee that any fic idea posted here will get written by someone else.

Ideas don't have to be detailed. (In fact, anything too much over 600 words or so as a summary and we suspect you're not ready to part with the bunny). "I'd love to see more Doctor Who/X-Files crossovers; I don't care which Doctor!" is fine, although adding "and it would be great if Y happened" might get others more inspired to write than a blank canvas, but that's up to you. As long as it is a Whoniverse-related idea (i.e. anything that would be acceptable under Teaspoon's categories) it's welcome here. Discussion of the idea and possible variations and any spawning of baby plot bunnies under the entry is equally welcome (bashing of the idea is not).

If you are reading and want to write up one of the ideas, it's nice to comment and say so, but not necessary. If you create a fanwork for a prompt, please post to the comm using this template:

However, please do remember to also post a link as a comment to the original post - that way the donor should be more likely to see it. (This is a change to the rules as of 10/10/14, in the interests of simplicity and less work for an errant mod!)

Please do NOT post any fic unrelated to any of the 'plotbunnies' donated here. You'll want dwfiction or an appropriate character/era themed comms for that.

If you want to donate ideas anonymously, please contact the mods.

One rule: no bashing of any sort. No having a go at innocent plot bunnies and no character-bashing. (Commenting: "Wouldn't this be even funnier with A rather than B?" is fine. "Oh, no, not another fic with Adric in!" or worse is not.) This should be a friendly space for sharing ideas and bouncing crazy fic ideas off each other. Nobody's asking you to write or read fic you don't want to.

WARNING: This comm accepts no responsibility for letting loose any particularly virulent, aggressive, or generally life-stealing bunnies out into the wild. Enter at your own peril.