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Posting Guidelines

If you have a plot bunny you would like to abandon here, these are the guidelines.

What's welcome is pretty flexible - generally ideas you've had that you're not going to use yourself: abandoned WIPs, fics that sounded great and never quite worked, left-over prompts from ficathons, random ideas from that episode you've just seen, AUs, rare ships, challenges, that drabble you wanted to extend into a full story, or a fic idea you think no one could actually get away with.

If you're a reader rather than a writer, your prompts/ideas are equally welcome.

New Who, Classic Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood and spin-off ideas are all on-topic. Anything that fits into the Whoniverse is fine, no matter how odd or obscure.

It does need to be your own idea, not somebody else's.

Please use this template when posting your entry:

Any multiple entries (and please do put multiple story ideas in one post rather than several) or long summaries must go under an lj cut. No need to worry about tags - leave that to the mods.

If you would like to donate ideas anonymously, please contact the mods and we will make your post for you.

Feel free to comment and discuss the idea and let it spawn further bunnies through elaboration, swapping TARDIS teams and so on. No bashing of the idea or the characters, however. This will get you whacked by the Rod of Rassilon and thrown out of the Panopticon.

Remember that once you put your bunny back in the wild here, there is no guarantee said bunny will develop as you expected, or that anyone will adopt it.

If you want to claim an idea, it's nice to comment, but there are no limits to the number of claims for one idea, nor claims that can be made per person. (Ten people tackling the same idea will all write it in their own unique way and I'm not here to stifle creativity.) Any questions about the prompt, please post as comments to the entry (or pm the poster directly). If you get re-inspired and want to write up your idea, after all, there's nothing to stop you.

If you write a fic from a dw_straybunnies idea, please make a new comment to the original entry containing the link to your fic. If the fic hasn't evolved too far from the prompt, it would be polite to acknowledge the person who came up with it. If you can also give the mods a shout on the !hit the mod over the head with fic post, that will ensure it doesn't get missed in the monthly round-ups. (The tag for this is the first on the page & will stay that way.)

There will be regular updates of links to fics written and to unclaimed prompts.

Please post any queries etc. as comments to this post.


Two questions:

1: Do we have a protocol for determining whether one has jurisdiction over bunnies of uncertain origin? I've got one that may have spontaneously generated in my brain or may have crept in from elsewhere, and no possible way to tell which. (It's complicated.)

2: Do we have protocol for embarrassing but insistent bunnies - a way to post anonymously/through a mod, perhaps? (Man, it is obviously way too late at night for me to be online...)
1. If you're genuinely not sure, I would just post, but add a disclaimer that it is possible you might have picked it up from elsewhere.

2. If you would like to donate ideas anonymously, please contact the mods and we will make your post for you.

I have a plot bunny which has been driving me mad for a few years. I have the general idea but nothing else. BUT I want to write the story. I don't mind if others do too but I want to be able to take suggestions and ideas from this comm and hopefully write the story. Is this allowed?
Well, the comm is primarily for donating unwanted ideas to be picked up by other writers (or even by the original donor again), and once an idea is posted here like that, it's open to all.

However, I don't see why you can't make your post if you like - but please be very careful to explain what it is you're asking so there's no confusion and people don't think it's a usual "bunny" post. (We do have some general discussion posts sometimes, anyway, so it's not too far off topic.)
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