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Two Torchwood plotbunnies

The first ones for this community after all these years, I believe.

Username: merryghoul
Era (if any): Torchwood
Characters/Pairings (if any): the team; any pairings are fine
Plot Bunny Summary: The team investigates a vacation resort in Wales that looks a lot like Portmeirion. Little do they know it's run by one of their greatest alien foes.
Any Other Notes: This is an idea I rescued from one of my requests for vacationthon, which is not running now (and may not run again). I'm perfectly happy with letting this bunny go.

Username: merryghoul
Era (if any): Torchwood
Characters/Pairings (if any): Tosh
Plot Bunny Summary: What if Tosh survived after the end of the second series but didn't realize it because she Retconned herself? She's now wheelchair bound and living in a different flat than the one she had while she was in Torchwood. When she sees the news footage of the blown up Hub from Children of Earth, she decides to travel to Cardiff Bay to figure out why she has such strong memories of the area.
Any Other Notes: I was going to use this idea for a big bang, but since I've fallen out of love with Torchwood, I'm now releasing this bunny into the wild.


Thanks for the bunnies! We'll take good care of them - even if we don't find home for them, we feed them and so on. Even Torchwood bunnies, troublesome though they are. ;-D

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