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Special Spring Challenge!

It's the grand dw_straybunnies Spring Challenge! It's still a little out-there, but since it proved such fun last time and everyone seemed to think we should do it again... here goes!

So, here are 12 as yet unadopted prompts. Anyone who writes any variation of any of them of any length gets a participation banner, and 2 points.

You get 2 further points for every extra story you write and 1 further point for any elements from any of the other prompts you incorporate into your fic.

So, basically, 2 points for writing, say Kate Stewart. If you write pirate!Kate battling the telepathic plants you get 4 points. 5 if she's been interrupted from her road trip in Bessie.

If you write twelve stories, or incorporate all twelve prompts into one fic, you win. (Mostly kudos, but there will certainly be a winner's banner, and I'll see if I can think of something else to offer.)

Given the odd mix of prompts, your fic can be as cracky as you wish. Or as serious - it's up to you! Feel free to put as wide an interpretation as you wish on the original prompt.

Your 12 random prompts are:

1. From primsong: historical adventure with tulip speculators in the 1600s
2. " taiyou_to_tsuki: road trip in Bessie (post Battlefield
3. " ravenskyewalker: (Three-era) pirate AU.
4. " persiflage_1: more Kate (Lethbridge-)Stewart
5. " derekmetaltron: Doctor Who/Marvel crossover.
6. " tenthrose: Mickey Smith / Craig Owens / school.
7. " tenthrose: The adventures of Maxil!
8. " dbskyler: Fourth Doctor and Leela.
9. " curuchamion: a daisiest-daisy type scene (with Three, as in The Time Monster).
10. " tenthrose: story set on a planet with only telepathic plants as a lifeform.
11. " persiflage_1: Liz Shaw, Martha Jones, and Rory Williams (three medics).
12. " lost_spook: (First Doctor and) the St George and the Dragon legend.

So if you're unsure about some of the characters, don't worry too much. It's mainly fun, so if you want to learn enough to have the Doctor mention - while running away from Maxil, under suspicion of tulip-theft - that it's a shame Leela isn't here, because she would have been handy, you'd still get at least half a point for it. Also, wide interpretation is wide - any Doctor in a pirate AU, a roadtrip in Bessie, or tackling St George and the Dragon will get you those prompts. If you can learn enough about the unknown characters via the powers of the internet, you can risk a quick cameo - this isn't a serious ficathon, or a gift exchange!

However, also don't be afraid to simply take one of the prompts and write perfectly straight fic. The original prompter will no doubt be delighted - and you may still win, as there's no guarantee anyone will write fic at all, let alone multiple fics!

The challenge will open on Monday 1st April and close on Sunday 28th April. (I won't close down the challenge officially until Mon 29th, so as long as it's still Sunday 28th in some time zone, somewhere, you're good.)

Additional rule: no more than 2 drabbles per person (you can write a 12 drabble set if you wish, but only the first 2 will earn you points for the prize). Also list fic, or a drabble or short poem that uses all the words of the prompts in some way will only get you the usual 2 points and a banner. This is merely in the interests of some rough attempts at fairness and not to discourage anyone from tackling the prompts in any way they feel inclined!

Please post your stories, or links to them here in this post. Please include a note to say which prompts you've included in the fic. If you have any questions, please ask here.

Happy writing!

ETA: Bonus appearances by the evil giraffes are always welcome. ;-D


Two of my prompts?? I feel all special...

Aww, but you are special! ;-)

It's really quite random, though. Still, I do have to winnow out some I pick out for being a little too obscure/specific for this (which is probably quite impossible enough as it is, heh), and yours went through, so... yes! Special! ♥
Heh. I suspect my not-too-specific prompts help...
No, no, you're Speshul.

Just like Rose.

*ducks and runs*
*growls, glares and looks for things to throw*

I have NEVER been so insulted in ALL my life!!
Well, given that a few of these are mine, I really ought to give this a go, shouldn't I? I think I can manage most of them if I fudge the eras a bit.

Yes, you really should - good luck! And fudging is totally incouraged in this contest, also bluffing and handwaving.
(When I saw this prompt my first thought was "oooh, excuse to explore mythical storytelling and the dragon motif in various cultures!".

And then I crack!fic'd instead.)

(First Doctor and) the St George and the Dragon legend.

(Preliminary title would be "The Myth Makers 0.5". :P)

When the curious townsfolk who meet them by the gate clasp their hands and turn to Ian, asking if the dragon has been vanquished at last, they can’t help but laugh. The Doctor ends up intervening on his behalf, dismissing their doubts with a firm gesture while Vicki simply stands back and smiles somewhat wistfully.

She had grown quite fond of Arthur the short time they had spent together, but Barbara had probably been right when she’d said that helping him get home was for the best, both for him and the growing collection of virgins he’d had to shelter.
Oh, well done! An entry so soon! \o/

And, aw, that's great. You know when I originally left the prompt yonks ago it was vaguely something about it involving Vicki and she would totally want to adopt the dragon, so... ♥

Also, you can still do your first idea! Multiple takes, multiple stories, this is a pretty open contest! ;-)
I think I've taken this as close to the wire as I can risk: Sudden Flame (~6200 words, prompts 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11 and 12).
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