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Discussion post - Minor/Guest Characters

It's well past time for another discussion post!

This time, how about minor characters - one-off (or maybe two-off) guest characters you'd love to see more of? Given how many different worlds, times and places the Doctor has visited in the past fifty years, there are any number of great characters we saw only once in passing.

Which of those would you like to see fic for? Any ideas? For me, I confess, it's always the Classic Who guest characters I think about the most - after all, many of us lived with them for three, four or even six weeks back in the day. Prf. Amelia Rumford should have all the fic, Mrs Tyler too (she fights Death with table salt; how awesome is that?), Adam Colby, Cameca, Duggan, nearly everybody from Robots of Death, Litefoot & Jago (if they count now they've got their own BF series), the amazing Bambera and Ancelyn, and so many others. So many. How about everyone else? Who do you think ought to be picked up and explored more in fic?

(As for what counts as a minor character, it's hard to say - I'm going to leave it at "not a Doctor/companion/regular" and preferably "hasn't appeared more than twice", but don't worry about it too much. This comm takes any bunnies in and gives them a home till they can be adopted by a new and unwary owner.

As ever, some randomly generated suggestions from the DW RPG to kick off the discussion:

Abigail Pettigrew / Victoria Waterfield / under the weather
Amelia Rumford / Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart / Metebelis III
Ancelyn / Clive Jones / in the aftermath
Andred / Martha Jones / dust
Brigadier Winifred Bambera / Alison Cheney / no looking back
Canton Everett Delaware III / Jackson Lake / sleeping
Captain Erisa Magambo / Private Ross Jenkins / a mobile phone
Chantho / Jenny / computers
Clive Jones / Tenth Doctor / San Francisco
Colonel Mace / Davros / friends with benefits
Duggan / Anji Kapoor / heroes
George Litefoot / First Doctor / unexpected use of undergarments
George Litefoot / Strax / lost
Gwyneth / Toshiko Sato / locked in a cell
Henry Gordon Jago / The War Chief / running
Jabe Ceth Ceth Jafe / Lily Arwell / wisdom
Jackson Lake / Iris Wildthyme / forgiveness
K'anpo Rimpoche / Kate Stewart / Ood
Kate Stewart / Miranda / dragons
Kate Stewart / The TARDIS / taken
Larry Nightingale / Shalka!Master / insanity
Liz Ten / Cassie Rice / a mistake
Lynda Moss / The TARDIS / keeping a promise
Lynda Moss / Chantho / Weeping Angels
Malcolm Taylor / Evelyn Smythe / an explanation
Malcolm Taylor / Morbius / cold star
Maxil / Pandora / a stupid mistake
Maxil / Jack Harkness / locked in
Nefertiti / First Doctor / Sontarans
Novice Hame / Tom Milligan / a pet
Novice Hame / Ace McShane / Reapers
Ood Sigma / Alonso Frame / books
Private Ross Jenkins / Eighth Doctor / music
Professor Chronotis / Richard Nixon / a shift in perception
Reinette Poisson / Lady Christina de Souza / familiar
Rosita / Adric / secret agents
Sabalom Glitz / Harriet Jones / sunrise
Sally Sparrow / Bernice Summerfield / prison
Skagra / Jo Grant / no regrets
Toby Avery / Donna Noble / the follies of youth
Tom Milligan / Peter Dalton / dealing with the consequences

But enough of the RPG's inevitably limited selection - you have the entire range to choose from, so tell us about it here.


George Litefoot / Strax / lost

I am now in love with this. Of course fic ought to exist where the two late-19th C would Holmes & Watson teams encounter each other. It would be amazing. I might even have to write it. Oh my.

I'll have to think some more, because when it comes to guest characters, I have a list. I hadn't realised how much and how long a one it was till I posted this.

In the meantime, not to be completely obscure and Old Skool, I really would love to see fic for Eleven's first meeting with Lorna Bucket. (From A Good Man Goes to War).
I would *definitely* love to see more Kate Lethbridge Stewart fic... And I'm always up for Jago & Litefoot tales, Big Finish's splendid output notwithstanding!
I'd agree v much on both of those! :-)
Torchwood takes lessons from Mrs Tyler on how to manage your rift with nothing more common sense, fruit cake, tea and a bit of salt. And maybe a firearm or two.

(I'm not still obsessed with Image of the Fendahl... damn, I am.)

Poul and D84 have to investigate stuff (I mean, I know that's kind of the source material, but that's not the same).

(Sorry, make that a Chris Boucher obsession still.)

Any Bambera/Ancelyn anyone cares to write.
I did have a vague plotbunny for a fic where Cameca joins the TARDIS crew and Susan ends up having to call her 'step-grandmother'. This seems as good a place as any to set it loose.

For some reason I want to see Eleven having an adventure with Lucy, the diabetic girl who was going to jump out of the cake at Rory's stag do. Even though we never meet her. Oh, and Rita from 'The God Complex' needs a fixit, if there's one going.
Brigadier Winifred Bambera / Alison Cheney / no looking back

A cool prompt for cool ladies who don't look at explosions, obviously.

George Litefoot / First Doctor / unexpected use of undergarments

I have no idea what this fic would be about but it would probably be glorious. Also, seconding the Litefoot & Strax prompt, because I've had a mighty need for Jago and Litefoot meeting Team Vastra since the trailer for The Snowmen came out.

I've been wondering for some time what happened to Mordred and Morgaine after the end of Battlefield. The last we see of them they were taken into UNIT custody for trying to nuke the planet and then... what, exactly? Does UNIT have some kind of cross-dimensional canon to return them to their own universe? Were they locked up until the end of days? Forced to learn the ways of this strange new world and acclimatise and move in on the same street as Ancelyn and Bambera? There is crack!fic gold here, I swear.
This isn't technically my bunny - I saw it on Tumblr somewhere, months ago - but there was a publicity still for Battlefield where the entire cast were crammed into and onto Bessie, and the caption I saw for that image was something like "And then they all went on an interdimensional roadtrip!" Your last paragraph reminded me of that. :D
Isn't Doctor Who already one big interdimensional/transtemporal road trip tbh? I'd still read the shit out of the Bessie-flavoured edition, though.
It's not finished and it's not at all cracky, but there's this magnificent WIP sequel to Battefield that actually goes into some of that Battlelines by jjpor.
I'm glad it's not just me wanting the Litefoot & Jago meet team Vastra! Because they'd be great. With possible explosive results.
I'd love to see more of The Editor (the bad guy from The Long Game), but I think I'm the only one...

I'm also only familiar with New Who for the most part, but I'd love to see more fic featuring Alonso (Ood Sigma / Alonso Frame / books sounds fascinating!). Someone wrote me a lovely Jack/Alonso fic a few years ago, so I'd definitely would like to see more. Um...I'm sure there's more new series characters I love, but I have to think about it some more.
Oh, I'm sure you're not the only one! There's always somebody, you just have to find them! And he was Nick Pegg, wasn't he, anyway?

Close, it's Simon Pegg. As seen in my oh-so-lovely icon! Which I completely forgot to use for my first post, sadly.
Aargh, sorry. It's all those other Nicks, it gets confusing. :-)
That's alright! I'm just happy to be able to remember the actor's name, since I'm usually terrible with that kind of thing.
Ooh, I spy Maxil in there! I love him! "Maxil: the Adventures of Archie Maxil the Enforcer" should be a real thing. He's one of my favourite Time Lords, because of how practical and competent he is. I'm sad that BF has barely done anything with him, given that they've got Colin in their regular cast. So, uh, three prompts:

-Maxil's reactions to some of the dumb things occurring on Gallifrey (the Five Doctors, the Doctor's trial, etc.)
-Maxil vs. Peri. I don't care how.
-Maxil being a BAMF in the Time War, in a way which is both epic and sad.

From New Who, I'd also love to see more of Jackson Lake (because I thought he actually made quite a good Doctor), Malcolm Taylor (okay, really I just want to be his friend, but whatever), and Tommy Connolly (because I liked him).
Oh, that would be marvellous. The adventures of Maxil, yes! Ha. :-)

I really liked Jackson and Malcolm, too. Which one was Tommy Connollly again?
Tommy is the teenager in "The Idiot's Lantern".
I don't have a specific prompt for her, but I'd love to see fic with Rita from "The God Complex."
Yes, she was a lovely character, wasn't she? And you're not alone even just on this thread.
Everybody has already mentioned most of the oldWho characters I think of in this sort of context.

Maybe some of the Brigadier's "Jimmys" deserve a day in the UNIT limelight?

As far as NuWho goes - Canton Everett Delaware III is a character practically made to have fanfic written about him. Cool, smart-mouthed, gay secret agent man at the heart of American government and conspiracy culture in the 1960s, at Area 51?? Think of the possibilities!
Ha, poor Jimmies! I don't know, do they deserve it? Probably one day I might eventually write crack fic about why Capt Hawkins isn't a man... :lol:

And, yes, Canton was pretty great.
Wait...Jackson Lake is from the same time as Vastra and Jenny, right? I need fic of this!

And, because I forgot him the first time around, I would like to see more of Lee Macavoy. I do love the Donna/Lee pairing, and I can imaging him trying to find her once he adjusts to life outside the Library.
I think The Next Doctor was mid-Victorian and The Snowmen Late, so a few decades difference, but presumably the three of them would still be around to encounter the new team, perhaps in time to retire and hand over the reins...

Ah, ok. My memory's a bit foggy on the exact times for the two groups, so all I knew was 'Victorian London'. Thanks!
I haven't double-checked, but I seem to remember there being big dresses with crinolines in The Next Doctor, which usually means 1850s/60s. I could be wrong. Miss Thingy could just have been being unfashionable... They're still in the same location doing Doctorish things in the same century, so yeah.
The Next Doctor is set in 1851. I remember you taking issue with the Doctor's view that it wasn't an interesting year :-)

Edited at 2013-03-30 05:44 pm (UTC)
THERE WAS A BLOODY GREAT EXHIBITION IN HYDE PARK! It was slightly exciting for people in London at the time. Just a bit.

Also other things that I forget. The Doctor is strange sometimes. I had, I think, just been reading a sort of history book/collection of contemporary sources called The Age of Paradox and trying to write a fic set in that summer.

I've read at least one fic set at the Great Exhibition other than yours; it had Two and Victoria, as I recall, because Victoria saw her father and the Doctor had to stop her from talking to him and thus changing history. And a future Doctor, as well.

Getting back to the original point, Lake and Vastra/Jenny are separated in time by about the same distance as that between Susan Foreman and Rose Tyler. Or, since we're talking of guest characters who ought to have more fic, Rachel Defwydd and Shou Yuing...
Yes, Ray! I forgot how much I want more Ray. And Seven/Ray, because I'm contrary like that.
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