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The Twelve Prompts of Christmas/Holiday of Your Choice!

Grand dw_straybunnies Holiday Challenge! This is perhaps a bit crazy, I realise, but here goes anyway...

Here's the idea: I'll post 12 prompts here (for the 12 Days of Christmas). Anyone who writes any variation of any of them of any length gets a participation banner, and 2 points.

You get 2 further points for every extra story you write and 1 point for any elements from any of the other prompts you incorporate into your fic.

So, basically, 2 points for writing, say, Ace/Mags. If you write vampire Ace/Mags battling the evil giraffes you get 4 points. 5 if they stumble over an octopus in the TARDIS halfway through.

If you write twelve stories, or incorporate all twelve prompts into one fic, you win. (Mostly kudos, but I'll see about a banner, and/or possibly the option to choose January's Prompt of the Month. If anyone really does manage that or anything near it, I will do my very best to see about a small but real prize, too.)

As you can imagine, it can be as cracky as you wish. Or as serious - it's up to you! As with the usual Prompt of the Month, you can put a wide interpretation on the original prompt.

So if you're unsure about some of the characters, don't worry too much. It's mainly fun, so if you want to learn enough to have Eleven mention - while running away from the Care Bears in Ancient Egypt - that it's a shame Evelyn isn't here, because she always liked history, and he could have used a knitting needle right now, you'll still get at least half a point for it. Also, wide interpretation is wide - any Doctor finding an octopus in the TARDIS bathtub will get you that prompt, or indeed, Sarah finding it in her bathtub. At least four prompts are non-era specific. And if you can learn enough about the unknown characters, you can risk a quick cameo - this isn't a serious ficathon, or a gift exchange.

Your 12 random prompts are:

1. From daystarsearcher, orimornie: Ace/Girl of the week (especially Ace/Mags.)
2. " captain91: vampire fic
3. " pitry: the Doctor vs the [evil] giraffes.
4. " pitry: stories based on Welsh myths
5. " curuchamion: Eleven finds the Care Bears are trying to kill him.
6. " curuchamion: Three or Four & Sarah Jane discover an octopus in the TARDIS bath tub.
7. " persiflage_1: Two/Martha Jones
8. " lost_spook, ghost2 persiflage_1, pitry: Evelyn Smythe (with or without Six).
9. " librarylover82, daystarsearcher, singeaddams: Six meets Rani Chandra (from RPG prompt Six/Rani Chandra/breaking the rules)
10. " derekmetaltron: any Meddling Monk fic.
11. " jjpor: Frobisher, penguin PI.
12. " moon_blitz: story set in Ancient Egypt/Ancient Greece/Ancient China.

This is a bit of fun, but don't be afraid to take one of the prompts and write a perfectly serious fic from it. The original prompter will no doubt be delighted - and you may still win, as there's no guarantee anyone will write fic at all, let alone multiple fics!

As this is a bit different to the usual, I put these prompts back in the bag for future use.

The challenge will open on Monday 12th December and close on Sunday 8th January (as long as it's that date in your time zone, you're okay to post).

I don't want to set word limits for a game like this, but I'll add this: no more than 2 drabbles per person (you can write a 12 drabble set if you wish, but only the first 2 will earn you points for the prize). Also list fic, or a drabble or short poem that uses all the words of the prompts in some way will only get you the usual 2 points and a banner.

Please post your stories, or links to them here in this post. Please include a note to say which prompts you've included in the fic. You can also ask questions here, (or tell me that I've finally lost it).

Happy writing!

One other note: I may need someone to read the stories for me, so if you're not up for writing, but should be able to do some post-Christmas reading (assuming there is some longer fic), please let me know in the comments. (That may sound odd, but I've a good reason, so thank you.)


I'll be happy to do reading even if I don't manage any writing...
Thanks! :-)

Of course, there's no guarantee there will be anything to read, but best to be prepared and positive...
Always be prepared!
I'd likely be able to do reading, definitely. :-)

*trying not to start scheming right away because my Yuletide is going full blast and it does not need distractions*
Thank you! And, yeah, Yuletide is way more important! :-)
The Road Untraveled

Prompts included: MWAHAHAHAHA ALL OF THEM.

(Okay, Frobisher and Evelyn mostly get name-checked. But they're there!)
Oh, wow. You WIN. (I mean, I don't know if you win win yet but your general awesomeness wins generally. ;-D)

Thanks! :)
Have some vampire fic: (DW) (LJ)
Oh, very nice! :-)

And, yay, another entry!!
A Two/Martha drabble for prompt 7 -- currently awaiting Teaspoon moderation.

I was wondering whether it might be an idea to create a series on Teaspoon to collect all the responses to these prompts. Assuming, of course, that there will be enough to make the word 'all' appropriate.
Am presently working on Martha/Eleven/Two. Hope it works.
I answered Six: The Pink Plaster featuring Martha Jones and her siblings, Two, Jamie, the Brig, with brief appearances from Eleven, River Song, and Mickey Smith. Fluff is not my strong suit, but tried.
Yay! More fic is more thgan welcome! \o/
*dies laughing* And hey, I have an icon for that! :)
I'll claim all 12 prompts and run them through a blender -

The Giraffe Convolution of Doom

Here's another: Memento (Prompt 1, "Ace/Girl of the week")
A Night On The Town (Prompt 11, "Frobisher, penguin PI")
She's Insulted (prompt 2, vampire fic, and prompt 12, story set in Ancient Egypt/Ancient Greece/Ancient China)
Oh, well done! I'll post it and any others now when I close this down (after today).

But thanks for taking part - I can't believe that so many fics have been written for this!!
These three are still awaiting moderation on Teaspoon, but hopefully this counts as getting them in by the deadline.

So, I think I've managed a total of eight fics covering nine prompts, and the other three do, at the very least, get namechecked. My bolt is now officially shot.

Yes, don't worry, I'll count anything that gets posted before I look tomorrow. And well done! That's very impressive, anyway. :-)

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